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Product/Service Description

Zipcar has thousands of cars available by the hour or by the day. You can choose from over 20 different car models to fit your needs. Whether you need to attend a meeting, shoot a location in the ‘burbs, or take someone out to lunch, Zipcar is an efficient way to handle your transportation needs. It’s also handy when you visit a distant city — your membership is valid wherever Zipcar is located.
Imagine the convenience of having a car when you need one, without any of the hassles or costs. Join our little car-sharing family and you can reserve online or from a smartphone, with your Zipcard, and drive away.

Every trip includes gas, insurance and 180 miles per day.

In several cities — including New York, San Francisco, DC, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Vancouver and London — Zipcar also has cargo vans with hourly, daily or weekly pricing.
To see where Zipcars are located please visit

Member Benefit

If you sign up through ASMP, you can become a Zipcar member for an annual fee of only $25. (The usual $75 setup fee is waived.) You also get a discounted driving rate Monday-Friday. (The rate and the discount will vary from city to city.)

Already a Zipcar member? No problem. Please contact our Account Executive, Sean P Rich, at 212.691.3691 or email to make the switch and begin getting the ASMP weekday rates.

How to Acquire Benefit

To join for free, pay only $35 per year, and receive $35 driving credit, go to

Already a Zipcar member? E-mail Kelly Woodard at with your ZipCard ID to gain access to ASMPs discounts.

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