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It is MZed‘s mission to build an environment through live educational tours, international masterclasses, and recorded training where photographers, filmmakers, designers, and our educators can forge mutually rewarding relationships within a community of creatives.

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MZed Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine – recorded HD download

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“Sound is an essential aspect to the success of a film. The audience can be forgiving of a less-than-perfect picture, but will never forgive flawed sound.”— Frank Serafine

Save $20 on the recorded HD download of MZed’s Sound Advice Tour and get a solid foundation for the effective use of audio in all your video, film and multimedia projects.

Hearing is our most prominent sense. The Sound Advice HD Download provides a comprehensive overview of every role sound plays in a film, web or broadcast production. This 7+ hour recording covers techniques and tools that will expand your skills and give you the foundation you need to deliver great audio.

The HD Download includes:

  • Sound Recording: how to select the proper equipment and utilize it for the best possible results including selecting and placing mics, working in studio and in the field, using stereo and surround sound, and more.
  • Sound Editing: tools and techniques for identifying and fixing audio problems in post.
  • Sound Effects: identifying the effects you need and producing them — or getting them from a library. Includes a live demo of creating and logging foley, background/ambience and hard sound effects.
  • Soundtrack: how to evaluate mood and emotion, then choose music that’s compatible with your sound design.
  • Sound Mixing: when and how to use reverb, delay, and distortion plus how to EQ, restore, normalize and level all your tracks so every element comes together into a perfectly synchronized production.
  • Sound Design: how to use sound to heighten the sense of reality and believability to bring your audience into the scene or environment.
  • Sound Inspiration: how to break down scenes from movies to analyze and dissect sound design and incorporate new techniques and ideas when designing your own projects.

ASMP members save $20 on the download.

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