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Category: Offers from ASMP Members – Website hosting and design

Product/Service Description

ASMP member Jack Kucy offers web design services for photographers.

“I started designing websites about 14 years ago, but for about 10 years now I have provided this service to clients,” he writes. “I cater mostly to artists, photographers, and small architectural companies, but I have also designed a commercial store-front and a real estate management company’s website. I design in both HTML/CSS and FLASH (client’s choice) with implementation of the SEO rules — but without sacrificing the ‘enigmatic’ look and the design.

“Since web design is not a quantifiable service and the price depends on the scope, size and complexity of the website, I can’t honestly offer a percentage discount. Instead, I offer my fellow ASMP members an extra service: free image replacement and text updates (but not design changes) for a year.”

You may view samples of Jack’s work at or at To discuss a project, please contact him directly at

How to Acquire Benefit

To take advantage of this offer, mention your ASMP membership when you contact Jack.