Member Benefit: ImageSpan

Category: Marketing and distribution

Product/Service Description

ImageSpan offers several services to help photographers display and license their work, including PLUS coding, automated e-commerce and royalty payments. It also offers Content Tracker, an automated Internet search that finds where your creative work is being used on the Web.

LicenseStream Creator Pro enables individual content creators to minimize the burdens associated with creating licenses for their work and helps protect their creations, tagging their content with a uniquely identifiable PLUS code. Automating the commerce and royalty payment process for these transactions, LicenseStream Pro frees users to spend more time on their creative efforts. With Pro, ASMP users have access to the powerful Content Tracker, the ability to find where your creative work is being used on the Web, and communicate with potential clients as well as notify unapproved use.

Member Benefit

ASMP members can get 10% off the list price for the LicenseStream Creator and LicenseStream Creator Pro online photo licensing services. There are additional discounts on supplementals such as larger disk space quotas.

How to Acquire Benefit

Visit and click Register. Use one of the promo codes listed below.

ImageSpan Product
LicenseStream Creator – 10% off Promo Code ASMLSS
LicenseStream Creator Pro – 10% off Promo Code SMPLSP
Additional Storage Upgrade – 1 GB – 10% off Promo Code SMPSTG
Additional Storage Upgrade – 5 GB – extra 10% off Promo Code SMPST5
Additional Storage Upgrade – 10 GB – extra 10% off Promo Code ASMPST
Additional Storage Upgrade – 20 GB – extra 10% off Promo Code ASMPS2
Additional Storage Upgrade – 50 GB – extra 10% off Promo Code ASMPS5