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Product/Service Description is an exclusive hotel discount site only for select societies and associations like ASMP. It is the private brand of Rocket Travel, Inc.which is a subsidiary of the larger travel company Priceline.
In addition to 10% to 55% off on thousands of hotels worldwide, HotelStorm offers:

  • Customer service team to deal with any members requests like booking changes, cancellations or other concerns;
  • No personal information is shared. HotelStorm systems are PCI compliant. The only information ASMP members will need to provide when booking is a name and an email address in order to get a confirmation email after booking.

Member Benefit

ASMP members save 10% to 55% on hotels worldwide.
HotelStorm rates are 10-15% better than those offered by public sites like Orbitz and Priceline at thousands of hotels across the world.Please note: This discount is only reserved for our membership and their families.

How to Acquire Benefit

Find your hotel and compare prices at the ASMP exclusive booking portal. If the password field is not pre-filled, use ASMPHOTEL to get in.

You will need to create a personal account to book rooms.