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Product/Service Description

Hindsight provides business management software, including:

  • InView & StockView — the most complete photo business and image management software available and the best of the genre, according to Photo District News. Used daily to manage the business of thousands of professional photographers in over 26 countries.
  • InView Studio Pack — a subset of InView & StockView that does not include the Checkbook, Payables and General Ledger. It is designed for those who use other accounting solutions.
  • StockView Catalogue — Analog and Digital Image Management software, because going digital shouldn’t mean forgetting your film. Complete with metadata import, HTML generator, labeling, bar code 128, image converter, batch rename and much more.
  • searchLynx — a web-based image library with search engine that allows researchers to conduct image searches on your web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The newest product, METAmachine, is a simplified browsing utility program that streamlines the important process of adding keywords, licenses and other essential metadata to images, either individually or in batches. METAmachine reads and writes XMP-formatted metadata in TIFF, JPEG, PSD and DNG images.

METAmachine can write a complete set of the IPTC standard metadata into images. It is compatible with all XMP-compliant DAM software and can become a simple step in the work flow for any combination of programs. Writing metadata is as simple as dragging images from the Desktop or from a compatible program such as Adobe Bridge, either one at a time or in batches, onto a target area where the metadata is added. Images themselves are not moved or opened and re-saved, so there is no destructive recompression involved.

METAmachine has Copyright Protection options built in that prevent overwriting any existing copyright information in images. METAmachine is the only metadata writing software in full compliance with the Meta Manifesto of the Stock Artists Alliance.

Built into the software is HindSight’s highly praised, extremely fast, hierarchical keywording system and a license constructor. Both include usable sample data, which can be modified as necessary to fit your needs.

To download free demos for Macintosh or Windows, visit

Member Benefit

ASMP members can get a 10% discount on all HindSight products.

How to Acquire Benefit

Use HindSight’s online purchasing system. After you’ve selected your software package and are in the shopping cart prior to check out, click on the Custom Code link. Enter the code ASMP 2010 and the totals will be re-tabulated to reflect your discount.

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