Member Benefit: FoundFolios

Category: Marketing and distribution – Website hosting and design

Product/Service Description

FoundFolios is a feature-rich portfolio website that matches artists with creatives. Creatives can sift through the portfolios of photographers, illustrators, artist reps, CGI artists, and motion and video artists to find their ideal images. There are filters such as specialty, location, awards and recently updated portfolios for creatives looking to delve in a bit further.

FoundFolios also offers a bi-monthly collections section, where we feature twelve carefully curated images that all pertain to a specific theme.

Finally, FoundPicks is a free service and part of FoundFolios where creatives and art buyers can send in a brief description of a project they’re working on and our professional curators will send back a private gallery of artists perfectly suited for the job.

Member Benefit

ASMP members receive a 15% discount on Basic, Standard, or Featured membership levels on FoundFolios.

How to Acquire Benefit

To learn more or redeem your 15% discount, click here or call 1-866-341-4482.