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After years of research and creative writing, Mark Edward Lewis’ “Audio Mixer’s Secret Handbook: Live Audio Alchemy” was released in January of 2013. The first in a series of 3 books that will include studio mixing and mixing with samples, it covers the intricacies and the non-intuitive skills that every live sound mixer should have to get the sound that they’ve always dreamed of. Whether lay or pro, Lewis designed a handbook – not a book – in order to be a troubleshooting-guide-for-mixers.
Covering nearly all the common and not-so-common ailments that mixers face, the book sets up for the reader to be able to reference solutions for problems in seconds. Short on theory and extra-long on practical fixes, Lewis also throws in his “cheats” to help the up-and-coming mixer get the biggest bang for the equipment they must use: from making bad gear sound great, to microphone placement, to proper use of gain structure and equalization-to-fix-problems. “Live Audio Alchemy” also has pages upon pages of information regarding how to deal with diva artists, the crew, the musicians, and even how to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of church media. Putting proven concepts behind leadership skills and integrity, Lewis puts forth strong practical applications that will help every mixer’s career in live sound reinforcement. But the book isn’t all practical, it also has large sections on why his fixes work.
Chapters such as “Compression/Expansion: Combustion in the Piston of a Mix”, “Feedback Your Friend”, “Sound Reinforcement: the Lost Distinction” and many others. It also has a healthy Glossary, and appendices that cover quick-grab EQ settings, sound check test order, attributes of various microphones and other reference data not found in any other single volume.
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