Member Benefit: BlinkBid

Category: Computer — Software

Product/Service Description

Bidding and invoicing software for creative professionals. Billed as “shockingly easy to use,” it is aimed at everyone from freelancers to agencies. According to Blinkbid, it is easy enough to produce your first bid in minutes, yet powerful enough to customize to the exacting needs of your business work flow.

Try Blinkbid for free; a two-week trial version is downloadable from the Blinkbid site. The manual is online at

Member Benefit

ASMP members are offered a life-long discount on a license fee that renews every year. For an annual payment plan, it will reduce the price by $50 per year. Those who elect monthly payments will get $4 off each installment ( $48 off per year ).

How to Acquire Benefit

Got to BlinkBid website to create new or migrate existing account and choose one of the payment methods. Apply the appropriate discount code:

For $50 off Forever – Yearly Plan – use 50ASMPXNHGTSO9J
For $4 off Forever – Monthly Plan – use 4ASMPXGSBSTHSK9US