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Product/Service Description

“Love-to-Travel — Photography Tours” are small, custom trips designed for photographers and their companions. We visit places that are off the beaten track. Our special local relationships provide us with exclusive access to places that most people can’t go. We visit medieval churches, wineries, panoramic vistas, ancient villages and many other unique destinations. We like to immerse our guests in the local culture and avoid the typical tourist experience.

We provide a nice balance between having a set itinerary (so you know what to expect) and a spontaneous flare that you might get if you just ventured out on your own.

We are geared towards the photographer but offer alternate itineraries so that you can travel with your companion and feel confident that you will both thoroughly enjoy the trip.

We offer optional photography instruction on most mornings for those that want to brush up on a technique or want to learn a new skill. Or maybe you’re just looking for someone to shoot with and show you great photo ops in the remarkable places that we visit. Either way, we customize the experience for each guest, which is why the trips are made up of small groups … no more than 12, and many times less.

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Member Benefit

Each trip has a different discount for ASMP members.

How to Acquire Benefit

Go to the trip page and click on the ASMP Benefit link to see the current offer. Then, simply send an email when you are ready to book and mention your ASMP membership. We will apply the discount upon final payment. Send your email to